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Peace.   Sometimes people ask me, why O.F.M after my name or the names of all Franciscan Friars.    The letters stand for ‘Order of Friars Minor’  In a glossary of Franciscan terms in ‘Joy In All Things’ a Franciscan Companion, Tristam Holland SSF explains the term Friars Minor:“For the Italian word for ‘brother’, the word ‘Friar’ became universally used for all those who joined the Order founded by Francis.   But Francis gave his followers the particular disignation of ‘the Lesser Brothers’, or ‘Minores’, to indicate that they should see themselves as having no rights or privileges, but only living a life of penury and extreme simplicity.   It was also a noteworthy play on words when paralleled with the terminology used in the small city of Assisi, where those privileged to reside within the city walls were called the Majores, or Greater Ones, whilst those living outside the walls were termed the Minores, or Lesser Ones.   Francis seems clearly to have aligned his community with the ‘excluded’ rather than the ‘included’.”


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Pat O.F.M.