Some statistics on the Franciscans (OFM), the Order of the Friars Minor. As of 31 December 2011, the Friars Minor throughout the world number 14,067.

Postulants, 592, but these are not included in the overall number of friars.

Novices, 365; Simply Professed, 1380.

Solemnly Professed, 12322 (priests: 9618; permanent deacons: 63; friars training for priesthood 451; lay friars: 2076).

Our brothers Cardinals (6) and Archbishops/Bishops (108) make up a total of 114. 

The Friars Minor are in 110 countries, as follows: Africa and the Middle East: 1088; Latin America: 3374; North America: 1423; Asia-Oceania: 1374; Western Europe: 4366; and Eastern Europe: 2442.

The fraternity is structured into 99 Provinces, 7 autonomous Custodies, and 7 Entities dependent on the Minister General.