Dear Friends,

Peace!   Today Vincent went to the Postulancy in Killarney Friary to begin his first year of Franciscan Formation.  I ask you to remember Vincent and other postulants who are beginning their formation in the Franciscan Order.killarney friary 25th june 2010 003                                                                         When Francis was dying he made it clear to his brothers the uniqueness of every person’s response to Christ.   He covered the would in his side with his right hand, as if to preserve the seal of his own unique response, and he said, “I have done what was mine to do;  may Christ teach you what is yours to do.”

Perhaps God is calling you!   I pray that God will teach you what is yours to do and if you are interested in knowing more about the ‘Franciscan Way’ please do not hesitate to make contact with me at: 

God bless you.