Brs George and Blessing, with Br Juniper O’Brien, after their First Profession at the end of their novitiate in Gandachibvuva Mission, Zimbabwe.

Dublin man, Juniper, aged 86, has been in Zimabawe for nearly 50 years and is the ‘grand old man’ of the Franciscan Custody of the Good Shepherd in the country.

George and Blessing sit before Friars Emmanual Musara, Custos, and Thomas Makamure, Novice Director, during the ceremony.

Blessing professes his vows to God and commits himself to the fraterntiy for one year as his Franciscan journey continues.

‘Receive the book of the Gospels’ – St Francis wanted the Gospel to be ‘our Rule and Life’. The newly professed are given the light and guide they need for their path ahead.