Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace.   On Sunday June 25th through Friday 30th June we the Franciscans of the Irish Franciscan Province hold our Provincial Chapter.   We pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire and guide us throughout the week.   We ask for your prayers and as always we depend on the prayers of our Poor Clare Sisters and the Sisters of St. Clare throughout Ireland.    Pictured on our featured image are some of our young Franciscans:Friars Liam, Damian, Dave and Ronan with some memebers of the Poor Clare Community, Ennis, Co Clare.

According to our Constitutions: “It is the responsibility of the Provincial Chapter to examine the present state of life and activity of the Friars of the Province, to search for and propose suitable means for its growth and improvement, to discuss and, by common council, to decide on new undertakings and affairs of major importance and to carry out elections.” Art 215 1  

Many blessings,

Fraternally, Pat