The friary in Athlone celebrated the Mass for the centenary of Bl. Oscar Romero’s birth on 25 March.

The celebrant and preacher was Gerald Evans OFM who has been a missionary in El Salvador and Central America for many years.


The Archbishop of San Salvador, born in 1817 and was killed on 24 March 1980 as he celebrated Mass. He was martyred because of his strong denunciation of the state violence during the civil war in El Salvador.

Archbishop Romero was declared a martyr by Pope Francis and beatified in May 2015.

“Each one of you has to be God’s microphone.

Each one of you has to be a messenger, a prophet.

The church will always exist as long as there is someone who has been baptized…Where is your baptism?

You are baptized in your professions, in the fields of workers, in the market.

Wherever there is someone who has been baptized, that is where the church is.

There is a prophet there.

Let us not hide the talent that God gave us on the day of our baptism

and let us truly live the beauty and responsibility of being a prophetic people.”