Last night we had a Franciscan School of Prayer here in Killarney Friary

About twenty people attended the prayer experience ‘Prayer around the San Damiano Cross’.   At the conclusion of the session I handed out cards with an image of the Cross and we recited the following prayer:
                                                                                           “Most high, glorious God,
                                                                                     Enlighten the darkness of my heart.
                                                                                            Give me a right faith,
                                                                                                 A sure hope
                                                                                            And a perfect charity.
                                                                                    Grant me wisdom and knowledge
                                                                                       That I may keep your holy and
                                                                                             true commandment.
I ask you to reflect on that prayer and as you pray before an image of the crucifix to-night to recite that prayer.   Please remember those who are seeking enlightenment regarding their vocation in life.   Peace and every blessing.