On Ascension Sunday, 20 May, five friars were formally sent on mission by the Minister General, José Carballo Rodriguez, OFM, in a Eucharistic celebration in Rome. After nearly three months of preparing themselves through a mission course in Brussels, these friars joyfully accepted the mandate of the  risen Lord to go and preach the Good News to all creation.

These friars are: Roberto dos Santos (Brazil); Zenon Duda (Poland); Sostenes Velasco Torres (Mexico); Mauro Zannin (Rome), and; Jeffrey Haller (USA). The first three will go to Morocco, the place of the first Franciscan mission 800 years ago,  and the place of  the Order’s first martyrs. The other two friars will go to Thailand where the friars are working hard to implant the Order for about 20 years now.

The Minister General exhorted the newmissionaries to remain gazing upward to the Lord,  but grounded inn the present realities, without forgetting to look inward with an interior spirit.

We ask God to bless these five new missionaries and pray that they may be faithful to their mandate and thus bear fruit abundantly.