Right after the birth of South Sudan, following its separation from the largest African country, Sudan, the Franciscans wanted to open a new presence in the region. So, for about two years now, our three brothers Jesus Aguirre, Mario De Battista and Masseo Golha have been living in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

Their life and mission are simple and yet quite demanding at the same time: they live their life of prayer and fraternity as friars/brothers, and they deeply commit themselves to the pastoral care of the many faithful spread around the capital of the new-born country.

Archbishop of Juba, Paulino Lukudu Loro, has entrusted the Parrish of the Holy Trinity to the care of the friars. Set on the edge of the city, the parish has ten communities some located up to 75 km away in desert areas. People are extremely poor and suffer from tribal conflicts and the wider social chaos so they there is the constant fear of violence.

The three friars in the country were delighted to welcome two new missionaries for South Sudan, namely: Friars Federico Gandolfi, from the Province of Rome and Marco Freddi from the Province of Assisi; they arrived in mid-January. 

We pray for our brothers to be strenghtened in courage and joy as they serve the poorest of the poor for Christ’s sake.