July 15th Feast of St. Bonaventure

Dear Friends,

Peace and a very happy Feast Day to all.digest2.jpg

St. Bonaventure was born about 1221 in Bagnoregio, Italy.   He studied philosophy and theology at Paris and would be considered one of the greatest philosophers and theologians of the Middle Ages.   Bonaventure entered the Order of Friars Minor at the age of 20.   In 1257 he was elected Minister General of the Order.   He has been described as the second founder of the Franciscan Order, since his reforms helped to bring about a harmony among the friars after the death of St. Francis in 1226.

One day in the year 1273, when he was in the kitchen of one of the friaries washing dishes the news arrived that he had been made a cardinal and he was summoned to join the papal curia.   He was apppointed Cardinal Archbishop of Albano and died in Lyon in 1274.    Before he died one of the friars asked him:  “Can only the learned become saints?”   Bonaventure replied: “If God gives one only the grace to love, that is enough.   Friar Giles asked:  “So a dunce can love God as much as a doctor?”   Bonaventure replied:  “A poor little old woman can love God even more than a doctor of theology.”   Then Friar Giles, full of enthusiasm leaped to his feet, ran into the garden and raising his arms began shouting: “Poor little old woman!   Plain and ignorant as you are, love the Lord God and you can become greater than Brother Bonaventure.    He wrote a great number of philosophical and theological works.   Bonaventure died on July 15th 1274.

God bless you all.