Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   If St. Francis of Assisi had the internet I guess he’d have used it regularly to remind people of the important things of life as he did when he rambled the highways and byways of Italy particularly  the Regions of Umbria, Tuscany and beyond.   But this was after his conversion!    For Francis was like many young men of today,

probably much worse than most.   His first biographer, Thomas of Celano describes him as follows:  “Until almost the age of 25 he wasted and squandered his time miserably.  Indeed,  Francis surpassed all his friends, in the worthlessness of his pursuits:  he was their ringleader, always the first to suggest mischief, a zealot in the cause of folly.   He was admired by everyone, and basking in empty self-glory he outdid all the others in practical jokes, in pranks, in tomfoolery, in idle talk and gossip – as he did in his dress:  he wore soft, flowing garments, for he was rich.   Francis was no miser, but a wastrel:  no hoarder of money, but one who spent prodigally.”   

But after a long and painful illness he began to reflect upon things that had never occurred to him before.   This was the beginning of his conversion, of his change of heart.

The Covid 19 virus is prompting me and indeed most of us to reflect on life. 

What questions does it pose for you???????????

God bless you and stay safe and well and do remember that in the midst of all the pain and misery, GOD IS WITH US.