Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   Over the years I, together with other Friars have taken a Stand at the Ploughing Championships.   We’ve also visited  many Shopping Centres, where we had the great privilege of meeting many wonderful people.    Unfortunately we’ll not be able to be present at the Ploughing Championships this year as they’ve been cancelled due to Covid 19.   I guess we’ll have to look for more creative ways to spread the GOOD NEWS.  

This form of ministry is inspired by our Founder, St Francis of Assisi who:  “Did not wait for people to come to meet him; he went out to seek them.   Indefatigably throughout his life, he went through villages and cities, taking any way which let to men and women.   He spoke to them by the roadside and in the fields, where he shook hands with the peasants; he preached in the open air, in squares wherever the heart of urban life was beating, and went into houses, into the bosoms of families, inaugurating a greeting which aroused amazement even stupor, although it was prescribed by Christ to the apostles: ‘The Lord give you peace!’ ” (Extract from Francis of Assisi by Chiara Frugoni p. 50)

If you are looking for a rewarding and challenging life why not consider the Franciscans????   Wishing you peace and joy as you continue to discern your vocation in life.   

Many blessings,