Merchants Quay Ireland: Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, chats with Friar Pat Lynch at the official opening of the Riverbank Centre on 21st November.

Merchants Quay Ireland’s new centre for homeless and drugs services provides nearly 7,000 hot meals a week, along with a warm welcome, counselling, medical and dental services and a needle exchange programme.

Clients comment: “I was abused. A lot of my childhood was snatched away from me. If MQI wasn’t there, I would have killed myself through overdose” (Niall).

“If I need to get a phone or need a letter, MQI helps me with that” (Miora).

“The staff at MQI give you their ear, they are thoughtful. They remember your name. Fairly simple stuff, but it was big to me at the time” (Brendan).

“My teeth were gone. Every simple little thing, now I have my health, I am able to walk around” (Martin).

 Hugh McKenna, OFM, Minister Provincial, speaks at the opening.