Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   Yesterday October 21st 2016 Pope Francis met with members of the International Congress of Vocation Ministry at the Vatican.   The Pope said that when it comes to promoting vocations in the Church it all begins with an encounter with God.crossRegarding his own call Pope Francis said: “it did not occur as a result of a conference or a beautiful theory, but by having experienced the merciful gaze of Jesus on me.”   Later in speaking about vocational initiatives he did not belittle their importance but again he pointed to God: “there is much more vocational ministry in an encounter with the Lord.”  

What a great challenge for all of us both Vocation Directors and those discerning their vocation!!  The challenge to give time to encountering God, to spending time with God, to being aware of God not only in the special times that we set aside for prayer for gazing upon the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, but also seeking God in the bits and pieces of life, in all people;  especially the poor and those on the margins of society.     Remember St. Francis of Assisi and his encounter with the Leper.   What a turning point this was in the life of St. Francis.  

May the Lord give you peace as you continue to discern your vocation.   Remember give plenty of time to encountering God.


Friar Pat Lynch OFM