Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace and joy this Christmas!   Murray Bodo O.F.M an award winning author of many Franciscan books has this to say about Mary, God’s Womb:

“Mary as the womb of God. How greatly honored is she who was chosen by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to be the dwelling place of God become human in Jesus Christ.   And how greatly honored are we as human beings, not only because God became one of us, but because God chose one of us to be his womb for nine months of his human life.    And, as Saint Francis remind us in another of his writings, how privileged each one of us is that we too, can become a womb of God by doing God’s will and bringing him to birth in our lives.”   This extract is from      ‘The Simple Way – Meditations On The Words Of St. Francis by Murray Bodo O.F.M

Perhaps this is a thought for you to ponder on over the Christmas Season.

Happy Christmas!

Remember God is with you.