“God has walked me.”

My journey to the Franciscans was one by way of the Comeragh mountains, south of Clonmel. That is the place where I believe I found myself and found a call to do something different with my life than I was doing.

I was unhappy where I was, unsettled, and knew inside me I would not fix cars and trucks for the rest of my days. I knew I didn’t have the gift for it. As a young scout I hiked the Comeraghs regularly and knew them quite well.

So that’s where I spoke to God and he answered, “without the voice”, but yet He answered and gave me a strong desire to serve Him in the Church.

Over the last, almost 50 years, I have tried to live my life in service to Him both in Ireland and in Zimbabwe. Going to Africa was an immense challenge and yet it was a wonderful experience to work there. I saw a poverty and a dignity live side by side, the cleanliness of a rural African village and yet the simplicity and poverty was way beyond what I had seen in Ireland.  My African years, as I call them, were by far the most influential for me and left a mark on my vocation for which I am truly grateful.   

I believe God has walked with me and He guided me through the ups and downs of my life. I am eternally grateful to Him for His presence in this world and His walking with us all whether we realise it or not He is there holding us in the palm of His hand.