"Learning to trust in God"

My name is Br. Vincent, and I have been with the Franciscans for 10 years. I was ordained a priest in 2019. My vocational story began when reading a book on the life of St. Francis. I was so moved by his story, that I wanted nothing else in the world other than to do what Francis did in his imitation of Christ, and to live in fraternity with nothing of our own, but to live the Rule and life according to the Gospel. High ideals, and ones we as friars struggle with daily!

As part of my training, I did a course on hospital chaplaincy, and as a result was blessed and privileged to work in 2 hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic. I recognized how much of a team we were in the hospital, all wearing the same medical scrubs and facing into the unknown. My work as a chaplain was as much about walking alongside the staff, as it was the patients. Some of what I did was Sacramental, but a lot of the time was being available and providing a listening ear. Also liaising with families who couldn’t visit their loved ones and to assure them of my presence with them and for them before the Lord.

I learnt that as a friar, we are tasked with many situations and ministries that we feel are outside our ability, but a reliance on God to equip and provide is essential in our trust of Him who calls us forth in His name.