The medieval site, known as ‘The French Church’ is about a quarter of a mile from the present friary.

Remains: the church, tower and parts of the transept chapel are complete; N.B. – the collection of medieval statues from the friary kept in the Holy Ghost Hospital.

Waterford friary was one of the first in Ireland, being founded by Hugh Purcell about 1240. It was the scene of the surrender of four Irish chieftains (the O’Conor Don, de Burgo, O’Brien and O’Kennedy) to Richard II in 1395. The community did not adopt the Observant reform until 1521. The friary was suppressed on 2nd. April 1540, but the friars were able to remain in the city. Henry VIII granted a charter in 1544 to convert part of the building into a hospital-cum-alms-house, this being the original Holy Ghost Hospital. The church was used for burials, then (in 1693) by some French Huguenots, and later by the Methodists. These latter afterwards built a church on the site of the convent.