For the first time in the history of Waterford city, Children’s Group Link partnered with local parishes to hold a re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross. The whole idea behind the spectacle was to get people in the city centre involved and make them aware of the significance of Good Friday.

Twenty five people dressed up in period costume and followed Jesus through the city streets on his journey from the garden of the Franciscan Friary to Christchurch Cathedral (the Church of Ireland Cathedral). Busy shoppers came to a standstill when the procession passed through the city streets into the local shopping centre, City Square, and making its way down John Robert’s Square to finish in the Catholic Cathedral in Barronstrand Street.

The initiative was the inspiration of the local Administrator in the Cathedral Parish, Fr. Paul Waldron who also wanted it to be an ecumenical event through the involvement of Dean Maria Jansson of the nearby Christchurch Cathedral. She said afterwards, “A small number started with us but there was nearly 500 at the end. People joined as they saw us and others stopped out of respect and came out of the shops. It was a reminder that Easter is not an Easter egg bank holiday weekend, but rather a time to reflect on the life of Christ.”

It began outdoors in the garden of the local Franciscan Friary at 12 noon. Parishioners came from right across the city and as far as Tramore and Dunmore East to witness the outdoor Passion of the Christ. Fr. Eamonn O’Driscoll the local Franciscan Guardian led the reflections which set the prayerful and reverent tone with the very emotional scenes of Jesus being condemned to death and receiving his Cross.

It is hoped that the event will re-awaken in people a sense that God is with them in their suffering. Dean Jansson reflecting on the event said, “That this crucified city of Waterford will have a resurrection and everyone in this city who is crucified with unemployment, despair, addictions, grief and problems will feel that God will raise them up by seeing the cross or hearing of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.”