Dear Friends,

May the Lord give you peace!   It’s good to be back blogging again after a number of months absence.   Over the past few days and concluding on Monday next, four men intending to enter the Franciscans in September, have been spending time with the present postulants and the community in the Francsican Friary, Killarney, Co Kerry.Perhaps there are other men out there who may be interested in being part of our Franciscan Fraternity.   If so please contact me at

I pray that many men will become closer to God by reading the Scriptures as they discern what they will do with their lives.

Last year at World Youth Day in Madrid, Pope Benedict XVI said to young people:  “The words of Jesus…must reach your hearts, take root and bloom there all our lives (…)   Listen to the words of the Lord, that they may be for you ‘spirit and life’ (Jn 6: 63).   (…..) Listen regularly every day as if he were the one friend who does not deceive.

May God bless you as you continue to read the Word of God and discern your vocation.

Many blessings,