The Irish Franciscans have been organising an annual pilgrimage to Lourdes for many years. Each year pilgrims and assisted pilgrims from around the country travel to Lourdes in late September for a period of five days. At Lourdes pilgrims take part in the daily ceremonies of the sanctuary such as Daily Mass, the Blessed Sacrament Procession and the much loved Torchlight Procession each evening. 

The pilgrimage is organised by a committee of friars and lay people who volunteer their time each year to making this pilgrimage to Lourdes possible. The team is comprised of Brancardier, doctors, nurses and handmaids who form part of a dedicated and multi-disciplinary team. This team is committed to ensuring that sick and assisted pilgrims get an opportunity to travel and experience the peace and tranquility offered by the shrine at Lourdes. For many pilgrims, the pilgrimage is one of the highlights of their year, particularly for those who are sick, and each year new pilgrims join the group. The Franciscan spirit of fraternity is very tangible during these days in Lourdes - all are welcome. 

Anyone interested in taking part in the pilgrimage either as a volunteer or a pilgrim can contact their local Franciscan Friary or the Franciscan Lourdes office by emailing

Lourdes Pilgrimage 2023